Dear Diary > Chapter Five, QUINNTANA fanfic | FanFiction

Dear Diary, a Quinntana fanfic | FanFiction

sometimes life break us and only love can rebuild us



my new favorite thing ;d

Dear Diary, a Quinntana fanfic > Chapter Four is up!!! | FanFiction

16 594 words <3 yeye I can’t belive how much love Quinntana is awaiking in me <3 

Dear Diary, a glee fanfic > Chapter Three is up!!! Quinntana

So here we go with another chapter :) Hope you like it!! Next one in a few days a week tops! 

Glee kiiling me once again…

How is it possible to ship Quinntana, Faberry and even maybe Pezberry at the same time…I feel like there is a war incide of me ;d;d;d 

Dear Diary, a Quinntana fanfic

So this is what I’ve been working on…Yeah…Hope you like it :) I’m not really sure what is going to happend in the story soooo ;d;d 

quinntanaeverafter said: What's your fanfic writer name? I'll follow.

it’s nocomment199 in fanfiction net :) thank you for the suport! and btw it’s like 03:02 and I’m writing yet again ;d I hope to upload the first chapter soon :) 

Quinntana is killing me…

It’s 04:04am and instead of sleeping I am writing a Quinntana fanfiction

You'll never be better than Commander Shepard


imageCheck it, this is me; Commander Lambchop ‘Badass’ Shepard. Sit your asses down and let me tell you bout the time I was the biggest Badass in the universe.

imageFamily? I don’t need family, I have mad skills and uppercuts.

imageDamn right I did. Refer: Uppercuts.

imageHey I told those noobs I was…

BEST.THING.EVER!!!!! <3 hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahha <3

So thats how I feel and my medicine..

In the Bastille’s “Linkin” park…I Imagine Dragons giving up Three Days Grace of my Simple plan. Siting i remember Marina And The Diamonds, how i gave them to her, and how I loved those RED lips. 

translate: In this house,in my yard I imagine dragons in the clouds, three days have passed and my soul’s simple plan to forget fails…So Im siting and remembering her and all that I gave away and her lips that I kissed so little, so lesser that I wanted…

And all those bands help me forget, heal and go on, but love doesn’t go away so fast, it takes time to see it, to see yourself falling for someone else…

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Tatiana Maslany and Max Irons film ‘Woman in Gold’ at Shoreham on Sea airport.

The original clone or DNA or something ;d&#160;!!!!!!

Tatiana Maslany and Max Irons film ‘Woman in Gold’ at Shoreham on Sea airport.

The original clone or DNA or something ;d !!!!!!

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